Elearning Heroes challenge 272

Today is the day I decided to get back to trying the Articulate elearning heroes challenges. These are the weekly challenge that anyone can try, and you get to share your end results with the community to get some really constructive feedback.

Challenge 272 is about tabbed interactions, and I thought this could be a fun one to complete. So I took a short module I had been given early last year with the request that I redesign it and rebuild it.

This mini module has been on my to do list since then, and i kept putting it off, so this was a great opportunity to play with ideas, colours and visuals.

So as per my website name, there had to be some purple in there. I started with an awesome image, and simply used one of the Storyline 360 predefined colour palettes.

This micro module is about the ADDIE model, so I started with some simple description slides before moving on to a tabbed interaction. Once you have viewed all tabs, you can move on to a short drag and drop challenge.

At this stage, this is a simple tabbed interaction, but it could be easily expanded to give a comprehensive overview of the ADDIE model.

But I think I will leave that for another day.
Feel free to download the storyline file and add to it yourself.

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