An accidental learning designer and developer… and found my passion.

HI, and welcome to my website.

​When I look back at my career, it scares me to say I have been working in the field of training and learning development for over 21 years. Where did that time go?

​My move into the world of training and later digital learning was an accidental one during my time working at the Foreign Office. I was lucky enough to have a manager who believed in self-development and building on the skills you didn’t know you had.  He helped me realise my potential for training and learning development and nudged me towards the career path I am on now.

My training career really began in 1999 as an IT Trainer for financial software including Oracle financials and Microsoft Dynamics. I studied and got my CIPD Certificate in Training Practice in 2000. My role involved designing and delivering training in a range of formats including classroom settings to small and large groups, as well as 1 to 1, floor walking, on the job training, and online sessions. I even created online help content for a while, writing so many user guides and how to documents.

My move to digital learning came along by chance when we had an issue with a particular piece of the financial software system and needed a new approach to how we trained everyone in the Foreign Office.  After some research on my part, and the development of a proof of concept, I got the go-ahead to create what was potentially the first real digital learning course within the FCO.

After an 18 year career at the Foreign Office, and the loss of my Mentor, I was at a crossroad, and needed to consider my career choices and what I did next. I found the courage to broaden my horizons and made the move from central government to the corporate world. Since then I have worked at a range of institutions including banks and eLearning companies, before settling at Omniplex for a while.

During my time at Omniplex, I got to work with a fantastic range of clients on an ever-increasing range of subjects. I loved my time at this company, and have some real stand out memorable projects which include Eurostar, MTC Novo, Skanska, University of California – San Francisco, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Ecolab, and last but by no means least Easyjet on a really exciting induction module.

After all this time, my passion still lies with the learning design and development process, taking your content and turning it into engaging digital content, applying 20 years of instructional design, content development and graphics experience to produce a course that looks great and is enjoyable for your learners.

Life moves on, and circumstances change, and I found myself back in the exciting world of freelancing. Over two years I have worked for some great clients including Mind Gym, Enstin, NKD, and lately the Royal College of Psychiatry.

The latest chapter finds me at Kallidus, as part of yhe Bespoke Content Team. I get to work with an amazing (and maybe a little crazy) team of creatives, designing learning for a great range of clients. I’m having a blast, and learning lots along the way. The last two years have been heartbreaking for us all, so I am excited to see where 2022 takes us.

Keep safe everybody!

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