My eLearning adventures

Gifs on a budget of £0

Every contract is different, and one in 2021 was definitely out there on the unique scale. The project was to help with the creation of a series of small courses using Articulate Rise. Sounds OK. But there was a catch. Isn’t there always? This time, there was a very specific brand to follow, with extreme…

To tab or not to tab…

My latest challenge – to brush up on my build skills and develop a combined tab and carousel interaction.

Designing with translation in mind

How many times have you designed and created an amazing course that is just in one language, to be then told it is going to be translated?

My Learning Design Checklist

Thinking about the many hats we wear when designing content, and some of the design tasks we need to keep in mind.

Playing with colours

A look at how I got to play with colour when designing a course for easyJet

Elearning Heroes Challenge 273

A new week and a new challenge. This time it is all about scrolling panels, so I took the time to create a small piece in a scrolling web page style.

Elearning Heroes challenge 272

Taking part in the Articulate e-Learning Heroes challenges is a great way to try out new approaches. In this post, I attempt challenge 272 on tab interactions

Finding your inspiration

A look at how I find my inspiration when starting any new project, using a concept I created three years ago.

Playing with motion

Playing with motion paths in Storyline back in 2014

Tackling a sensitive subject

Working on the design and development of learning for a sensitive subject, and the challenges it can bring.

Brushing up on my maths skills

Originally published on LinkedIn May 1, 2015 Another Articulate elearning heroes challenge – and some much-needed revision on my part.  I didn’t realise how much of the maths we learned at school I had forgotten until I started work on this challenge. ​A few weeks ago,  the challenge was about teaching maths concepts with elearning…

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