You have found my online home, where I share some of my past client projects, some design samples, content builds, or my personal projects and ongoing experiments.

This is all part of my varied career in digital learning design and development using Articulate 360, Vyond, and a varied range of other tools (even PowerPoint).

My latest blog posts

Gifs on a budget of £0

Every contract is different, and one in 2021 was definitely out there on the unique scale. The project was to help with the creation of a series of small courses using Articulate Rise. Sounds OK. But there was a catch. Isn’t there always? This time, there was a very specific brand to follow, with extreme…

To tab or not to tab…

My latest challenge – to brush up on my build skills and develop a combined tab and carousel interaction.

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Hi, I’m Justine, a learning designer that loves to design and create digital learning materials in a range of mediums

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