Playing with motion

I love the idea of motion and movement on the page, and how the flow of page content can add to the learning experience.

creating the image using storyline shapes

So back in 2014, when Articulate introduced motion paths into Storyline, I wanted to experiment with a single slide layout, and how motion and animation used together could bring a dynamic approach to the slide design, without the need to constantly come up with a variety of slide layouts.

using the zoom function to focus on one square

The artist Piet Mondrian was my inspiration and my sample content, to produce this layout which is my take on the Mondrian grid artwork. Work started with research and pulling together some key facts to give me something to work with before moving on to building my example in Storyline.

moving shapes to create a space for text

Everything apart from the Artist photographs were created within Storyline, using the built-in shapes throughout. Each segment of the grid is a separate shape, giving me maximum potential for moving elements around. This means edits, updates and changes are easier to manage as their is minimal reliance on external assets.

using zoom for a different perspective

This is a short example of how motion paths and the zoom function can give a different feel to a simple layout. It is by no means a polished, finished article, but it was fun to create and play with the motion paths.

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